Des Voeux Road Central 德輔道中



This is my recent artwork. An ink drawing inspired from a postcard I bought in my last trip to Hong Kong. The postcard illustrates the scene of Des Voeux Road Central in Hong Kong. Des Voeux Road Central locates at a busy commercial district on Hong Kong Island with bank headquarters, designer shops, luxurious shopping centers, etc. Look! The numerious commercial signs along the street on the postcard tell us that Hong Kong was already very busy in the late 1940s.


Cao Cao Hunting Ah Dou 曹操追捕亞斗

The above are my new series of drawings: Cao Cao Hunting Ah Dou.


looking out from the cabin

looking out from the cabin – photo taken by my daughter, Grace

We had a nice vacation in Hong Kong back in October. Before we flew, I cleaned up my working table, packed my drawing pens and tools. How exciting my wife and me were when we were landing. And, now, I’m back. Back to work.

武松打虎Wu Song Fighting the Tiger

武松打虎 Wu Song Fighting the Tiger

武松打虎 Wu Song Fighting the Tiger

These drawings are portraying Wu Song, a fictional character in the Water Margin, described as a handsome young, strong man. One day, Wu Song was crossing Jingyang Ridge, and got attacked by the fierce man-eating tiger. The same tiger has been killing many villagers at that area. Wu Song broke his stick when he was defending himself and left him weaponless. However, Wu Song was so strong that he finally killed the tiger with his bare hand, and made himself a hero at the village.

武松打虎(完結篇) Wu Song Fighting the Tiger 1 (Final)

武松打虎(完結篇) Wu Song Fighting the Tiger (Final)

More on Wu Song:

Martha’s Vineyard

On the way to Martha’s Vineyard…

The Black Dog’s boat

At the deck

Arrived Martha’s Vineyard…

Arrived Martha’s Vineyard at Vineyard Haven

Oak Bluff

Common by the sea at Oak Bluff

Arrived Edgartown, where the movie Jaws filmed in 1975..

Edgartown, hometown of the “Jaws”

A pier at Edgartown

Is this the house in the Jaws movie?

Harbor-crossing ferry for cars