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Martha’s Vineyard

On the way to Martha’s Vineyard…

The Black Dog’s boat

At the deck

Arrived Martha’s Vineyard…

Arrived Martha’s Vineyard at Vineyard Haven

Oak Bluff

Common by the sea at Oak Bluff

Arrived Edgartown, where the movie Jaws filmed in 1975..

Edgartown, hometown of the “Jaws”

A pier at Edgartown

Is this the house in the Jaws movie?

Harbor-crossing ferry for cars

香港德明校友聚會 Gathering of Hong Kong Tak Ming Alumni Association


Photo sharing for the 3-day gathering of Hong Kong Tak Ming Alumni Association







德明精神:寫在全球校友會開幕前夕……” 報導


This is me working at my studio, coloring. It is a beautiful sunny day. I like to work when the sun shines bright.


Look! My little fans, Max the Cat, is accompanying me when I am working. He likes sitting under the sun as well.

KaiTien Luk's little fans - Max the Cat
My little fans – Max the Cat


Chinese Lion Dancing


Today is already the third week of 2012. It’s not late to have New Year resolutions. In fact, Chinese New Year is coming next week. I think it’s a good time to express my New Year resolution. With the Chinese Lion Dancing drawing I have, I am wishing good health in the year of 2012, which is the Year of Dragon. Isn’t the Year of Dragon expected to be a strong one?

Happy New Year!